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Home NAS (Network Attached Storage)


Motivation for the Build:

​​Following the HTPC build, a NAS (network attached storage) seemed logical to build and be used as a home media server. The purpose of a NAS is to serve files to a network of computers. This can be great at home for streaming music, pictures, videos, and even documents between all of the computers on your network. You can even setup a NAS as a cloud for all of your devices which can come in handy when traveling or for backing up data on your many devices. The best part about using this build is that we will be using FreeNAS operating system which is FREE!

Other Builds (If you cannot see links, turn off ad blocker.)

Here are other build suggestions such as NAS (Network Attached Storage), HTPC (Home Theater PC), Video Editing or Rendering, and general everyday use PC's. These are great builds for other purposes around your home or office.


Intel Xeon E3-1245 V6













Fractal Design Node 304














AsRock E3C236D2I













Power Supply

Corsair SF-450 80+ Gold














Crucial ECC Server RAM 32GB













Storage Drive(s)

Seagate Ironwolf NAS 8TB













Storage (for FreeNAS OS)

Kingston A400 120GB SSD













Total cost after rebates and shipping: $1,215.97 + HDD's

HTPC (Home Theater PC)


Motivation for the Build:

I've really been excited about HTPC's lately and think they will become a common piece of hardware in homes over the next few years. I put together this budget HTPC build that will allow you to stream video, play and burn DVD's and Blu-Ray's, and do some light gaming. All of the parts included in the build will have everything you need to be up and running when finished assembling. You will even have enough performance for a new 4K Ultra-HD TV and should last you quite a few years.














Optical Drive

LG DVD/Blu-Ray Writer















Kingston Hyper X Impact 8GB













Operating System Software

Windows 10 Home 64bit














Samsung 850 EVO 250GB













Wireless Keyboard/Control

Rii Mini i14













Total cost after rebates and shipping: $643.79

Wireless Card (Optional)

Intel 8260 AC














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