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If you are on this site then you have either decided to or have at least thought about building your own gaming computer.  This website is a FREE resource to help you build your ultimate gaming machine from the first step of selecting your PC components to a guided set of instructions on how to assemble your computer.  The process is quite easy and this website will also keep you from having to do the research yourself because it includes parts lists for different types of builds and links to the best prices from a variety of reputable distributors.

If you haven’t completely settled on the idea of building your own gaming computer then what are the reasons you should or shouldn’t?  Let’s list the pro’s and the con’s of building your own computer.
1. It saves you $$$!!! This is the primary reason anyone decides to build their own computer.
2. You can completely customize everything to your liking.
3. You will have the ability to upgrade your computer in the future when parts start to become outdated
4. The sense of pride and accomplishment you feel when showing off your finished machine to others
5. It’s really not that difficult to do if you have basic instruction following skills…
1. Lack of customer support.  If something goes wrong with your computer you are the one responsible for repairing it, but once you have built your computer you will have the ability to repair it.

Now that you have decided to build your own gaming PC (because it only makes sense to do so at this point!), you need to begin the process.  There are a couple phases in the process of building a gaming computer so let’s get started below…



Determine your budget.  The objective is to build a computer that suits your needs but you need to setup a top limit to what you want to spend.  If you don't set a budget you will almost always spend more than you really should or want to.  Once you determine your budget you will want to navigate along to the different build templates that we've put together.







Check out our laptop builds and follow the Assembly Guide to construct a portable gaming station. 




Now that you have selected the build you want, you will want to start purchasing your parts.  Shopping around for different parts can save you money but make sure you are buying from reputable distributors in case you need to return something for any reason.  We have done the shopping for you on each of the build pages and linked to the best prices from the most reputable distributors so you don't have to shop around.  You can always swap out certain components that you would like to upgrade or downgrade depending on what your preference is but BE CAREFUL to make sure there aren't any compatibility issues with the parts you want to change.  Go ahead and purchase your computer components and wait for all of them to arrive so you can continue on to the next phase.


The fun part!  Now you get to assemble your gaming machine.  Be sure to follow the instructions step by step.  You don't have to assemble it in the particular order described in the walk through but if it's your first time, you will want to.  The best place to assemble your computer is on a clean work area with plenty of room to set your parts and move around.  A desk or a table work out just fine.  Go ahead to the instructions and get started!

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